Events (Event Organisation, Catering & Flowers)

Our CHS Community loves celebrating the good things about life!  We host a number of events during the year to Come, Connect and Celebrate – these range from Christmas and Easter to the CHS Birthday & Pentecost Celebrations as well as various courses to explore the meaning of life and improve our relationships with God and one another. At CHS, we also believe that every Sunday is an ‘event’ as we gather together!

All our events involve an element of décor & flowers, catering and planning.    If you would like to be involved in these events in any way or have any special skills which you would like to contribute or use, please contact Judy van Zyl on 021 701 3201 or

Hosting & Hospitality

At CHS we enjoy meeting together and enjoying each other’s company as well as growing in our walk with God.  We do our best to welcome people we know and also bringing new people into our community!

The hospitality ministry provides members of CHS with an opportunity to get involved in various activities that take place prior to, during and after the Sunday services as well as to assist with events arrange by the Church during the course of the year. CHS understand that not all our members feel comfortable standing at the door greeting people as they arrive at a service on a Sunday. This ministry caters for those that would like to provide eats, serve teas, assist with the organizing of Alpha Courses and welcoming newcomers to CHS on the Penny Ferry evenings.

Our Sunday service hosting team members are on duty once a month in a team that works together with the CHS admin staff to ensure the smooth running of the Sunday service.

The hospitality team is also involved in events like the Easter Services, Christmas Carols event, weekends away and other events that may need help! This vital ministry that is the point of contact between CHS, members of our community and those that are visiting us for the very first time. If you are keen to become a part of the CHS community, have a passion for people and are keen to be a part of a team that works together to promote the values of CHS then please consider joining in!  We appreciate both regular or adhoc input to our team.

We are also looking for people to assist when some is ill or away and your commitment can start in a very small way. All help is welcomed and valued.

The Sunday Service ministry is driven by Eric and Allison Wolhuter and the contact in the church office is Judy van Zyl; for more information please email or call 021 701 3201.


Maintenance & Technology

Our Maintenance and Technology team help on many fronts!  This ranges from helping / providing input to / advising on the physical state of the property to the technology hardware, software and networks that support our office and services.

We have a particular need for help with media technology, so please let us know if you would like to contribute any skills in this area in particular.  We would also welcome any volunteers with skills in any of these areas!

For more information please contact Brendan Fox or Mel Jones on 021 701 3201 or


Music & Worship

Worship is at the core of our calling as followers of Jesus – making Him the centre of our focus, our thanksgiving and our adoration is part of our created purpose! At CHS, we have the opportunity to take part in shared ‘sung’ worship times as part of our regular Sunday services and at many extra events.

We have a team of about 20 committed and passionate ‘lead worshippers’ who practice and play and sing together, leading the congregation into the very presence of God. There is also a team of audio-visual and sound desk operators, without whom our joyful noise would be silent!

At present there are four separate bands, each playing about once per month. The entire team meets monthly to connect, practice, pray and worship together. About once every 18mths we go away together for a ‘band camp weekend’ – a great opportunity to deepen friendships with one another, press deeper into our relationship with the Lord, take the time to hear what He is saying to us, and simply have fun together.

With the start of the Sunday evening gatherings this year, there is scope to explore a wider range of creative styles and forms of corporate worship.

If anyone in the congregation would like to get involved on the musical or technical side, please speak to Gil Marsden, our worship leader.  We are most urgently looking for someone with passion and expertise to help run the media/audio-visual side of things.

For more information please contact Gil Marsden on 021 701 3201 or