Reaching out

Capricorn Missional Community

The CMC longs to see our relationships and communities transformed by Jesus and to see the Kingdom of God breaking into the reality of everyday life in Capricorn. Join us at one of our quarterly prayer meetings and celebrations to find out more or visit one of the ministries listed below.

Future Talk

When: Tuesday 3-4pm
Where: Capricorn Primary School
Talk to Ronald Abels
Email: or call 0734076893
What: Grade 7s Christian life group that explores life decisions and spiritual truths.
Future is a Ministry that helps young teens work towards an alternative Future and Hope. Every Future talk teen goes through the Youth Alpha program and the Bible series. Leaders walk along side teens and role model what Christianity is about and to value themselves

Soccer Ministry

When: Monday & Friday practices at 4pm and Bible study on Thursday
Where: Capricorn
Talk to David Chirwa
What: Soccer training and teaching boys about healthy life choices and exploring their faith.

Soup Kitchen

When: Wednesday 3pm
Where: Living Fountain, Church Capricorn
Talk to Richard Saner
What: Feeding the poor and building relationships across cultures.

One 1 Six

When: Fridays at 12h00 and Sundays at 16h00
Where: Meli’s Internet Café
Talk to Ronald Abels
What: A Fresh Expression of church and a great place to meet, chat and study the bible.

Lifts to church

When: Sunday morning
Where: From Pick ‘n Pay Capricorn to CHS
Talk to Ronald Abels
What: Lifts to church for those who live in Capricorn, Vrygrond, Overcome